Cooperation with INF

At INF, we are always open and positive about productive cooperation.

Are you an active social media influencer? Do you provide updated and exciting content on your Instagram account? Are you passionate about testing new products and want to be the first to share tips on future "must have" products? Regardless of your social media channel or theme, you are welcome to contact us if you are interested in an exciting collaboration with some of the most sought after products on the market. We offer you the opportunity to test our products and share your opinions and experiences with them. We think it is important to get feedback on our products and we would love to hear from you who blogs, instagrams, tubets etc for future cooperation.

We have a large product range and do not limit our cooperation with somebody to a specific product category. Whether you are writing about technology, toys, beauty or outdoor, we are sure to find interesting products in our range.

We openly accept your own suggestions and ideas for long-term future cooperation! Here are some popular examples and suggestions for collaboration opportunities:


Want to tip your followers about any product you see on our website?

We consent to the use of pictures and quotes of product text on our website. We require that you remember to include a link to our website. Want your followers to easily find the products you recommend!


Want to feel, test and test our products before you recommend them?

Contact us if you would like to agree on product testing and evaluation. Naturally, it is important for us to share your views. We do not have any requirements as to the type of reviews you give about our products. We appreciate both twigs and roses! Most importantly, you tell your followers your honest and fair opinion. We appreciate any feedback!

Due to product costs and logistics costs, we have certain guidelines and requirements for the number of channel followers and how popular the channel must be in order to send test products. However, it is always worth asking! You are warmly welcome to contact us for more information on product tests.


Who wouldn't like winning !?

We encourage the influencers to organize competitions to award INF products as a prize. We will be happy to assist you with any prize product proposals you may have for organizing the competition and winning the winner. For Somebody, competitions are a great way to activate your existing followers, and reach and attract new potential followers.

We have certain guidelines and requirements for how popular the channels must be and how many followers the updates must reach in order to start organizing competitions where you will award our products as a prize.

We at INF are always interested in good cooperation that is mutually beneficial. Therefore, it is not important to us what channel (s) you use or their theme.

Have you found a product you particularly love in our product range? Or do you want to spoil your followers with new product reviews and fun competitions?

You are warmly welcome to contact us if you would like product tips, are interested in product testing and organizing competitions and sweepstakes, or have your own fun cooperation suggestions!

The easiest way to contact us is by email:

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond and provide feedback to anyone who is interested in writing their opinions on our products. However, we strive to respond to as many collaborators as possible. We prioritize cooperation with those influencers who have the best opportunities for long-term and profitable cooperation.

INF will only accept co-operation requests and inquiries from adult applicants.